Our Services

General & Cosmetic Dentistry for Children and Adults

Preventative care is the key to a healthy smile. Regular checkups allow us to treat issues before they become a problem.  Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry is the best course of action in these cases. But whether it's elective or for treatment, 

we'll make sure your smile is healthy and beautiful!  

Procedures Include:   

*Full, Periodic and Emergency Examinations  *X-rays (Full Mouth Series, Panoramic, Periapical, Bitewing, Occlusal)  *Cleanings  *Gross Debridement  *Periodontal Cleanings *General Check-Ups  *Fluoride Treatments  *Cancer Screenings  *Zoom Whitening with Touch Up Trays  *White Fillings/ Bonding  *Silver Fillings

*Gold Crowns  *Silver Crown  *White Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns & Bridges  

*Porcelain Fused to Metal and Porcelain Fused to White Ceramic Crowns & Bridges

*White Porcelain Veneers  *Lumineers (Thin Porcelain Veneers)  *Implants Crowns and Bridges

* Bite-guards  * Athletic Sports Guards  *Spacers (Band and Loop Spacers)  *Sealants on Permanent Teeth 

 *Smoothing and Leveling of Jagged Teeth

Emergency Care & Oral Surgery


· Dental Trauma and Dental Emergencies involving:

* Pain  * Bleeding  * Swelling, Abscess Fractured Teeth  * Small Lacerations of Gums, Cheeks, * Lips

*Extractions  *Sutures  * Gingivetomy

 *Incise & Drain  *Frenectomy 

All Rooms Equiped with:

* Air purifiers that kill all viruses,  including (Covid-19)

 * Cable TVs  

* Nitrous Oxide (Laughing) Gas)

* High-Tech Digital  Low-Radiation X-rays

* Top of the Line Sterilization Equipment

* All Instruments are Steam Autoclaved 

* Plastics are Disposed of after Every Use